Donald Gould

This is the Official Donald Gould Website.

Donald Gould (aka the Homeless Piano Man) is a former homeless US military veteran who gained international attention when a video of him playing a piano version of "Come Sail Away" by STYX went viral on YouTube in 2015.

With over forty-five million (45,000,000) views to date, Donald's life has been completely changed forever. His talent is undeniable and his music has been heard all over the world. His story is remarkable, heartbreaking and at last triumphant.

We hope you will join Donald on his journey as he spreads his message of hope through his music.  

His debut album "Walk on Water" was recently released by indie label Triple Pop. The album features a studio version of his famous hit "Come Sail Away" among many other new studio recordings.

Download the album on iTunes or Google Play or other sites listed on this page.  Please help support Mr. Gould by downloading the album and making any other contributions.

Walk on Water is also available on limited edition compact disc on Bandcamp.


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